What we do


Qualitative research
Quantitative research
Forecasting trends

brand and marketing:

Brand design
Company’s identity
Web design


Web applications


Software design
Digital creation

How We Work

Having an agile structure, we are able to build great teams, which can work on projects of any scope and scale. We forecast trends, develop strategies and design outstanding products that satisfy needs of our clients. In close cooperation with you, we build create the image of your website, which illustrates your company’s identity and speaks to your end-uders louder than words.

How It All Started

Founded in 2015 by two over-achievers, Dan and Lorry, our small web design agency was first called LorD Agency. Our work began in the midst of the startup boom and we offered our services to all ambitious entrepreneurs in Manchester. As time passed and our team grew, we expanded our activities to the whole country and acquired a couple of foreign clients.

Perfection has always been our main goal, and we put all our efforts, creativity and daring into every project we worked on. As we strived to remain a tight-knit small team and to stay on top of our industry, we learned to be fast and mutlifuncitional. With the growing amount of work it all started to look like a madhouse and eventually it became our official name. But don’t let it scare you off. We are mad about creativite, aesthetic appeal and quality.

You can read about our ways to summon inspiration here